What is Unicycle Hockey?

Unicycle hockey is a team sport that is great fun and totally inclusive. It is mixed gender and there are no age limits. The only thing that anyone requires is some skill in riding a unicycle. The rules are defined by the International Unicycling Fedaration and the latest published set is here.

It is played five-a-side on an indoor court, usually around 35-45m in length and 20-25m in width. The court is surrounded by barriers and the goals are set back from the end walls. All players ride unicycles and carry ice hockey sticks. We use a tennis ball

unicycle hockey court

Who are the Cardiff Unicycle Hockey Team?

We have been meeting as a team to practice for around 8 years. We have held tournaments to compete against other teams in the UK and we have also travelled internationally to compete in European Championship tournaments.

team photo

We meet every Sunday evening at 8pm at Cardiff City House of Sport to teach people to unicycle and to train for 90 minutes.

What next?


Just coming along to practice with us is enough to make you a club member.

We have a simple pricing structure for each practice session:

  • Our learn to unicycle sessions are free for anyone until such time that they can ride at least 50 metres unaided.
  • Children, students, OAPs and other concessions pay at most £3
  • Players visiting from other clubs pay £3
  • Other participants pay no more than £5

Since we have a limited numer of unicycles that we can offer to people for our training sessions, we advise people to get in touch with us to make sure that we can make sure that they have a unicycle to use.


Weekly Practice

We meet every Sunday evening at 8:00 pm to practice unicycle hockey.

The address where this practice takes place is:

Hall 3
Cardiff City House of Sport
Clos Park Morganwg
CF11 8AW

The first 45 minutes is a beginners’ session where people can practice unicycling and join in the game if they feel ready.

We use the second 45 minute session as an opportunity for players who are already proficient to enhance their skills.

Feel free to use Meetup.com or any of our other social media services if you would like to register your interest. Alernatively, send us a message or just turn up at a practice session.

UK Tournaments

We intend to hold our next tournament in Cardiff in early June 2017.

Check back soon for more information.

International Tournaments

We will be taking a team to the European Championships which sart on July 30th in Sittard-Geleen in the Netherlands.

Check back soon for more information on our progress.


You can use the form below to send us a message directly.

Thank you for your message

If you would rather use email: info@cardiffunicycle.co.uk

You can also use any of our social media services to get in touch with us and find out what’s happening.